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Shake It Out


Click the link to see the vid

Shake It Out

I’m opening my show on KLSU with this song today. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but I cant resist sharing my undying love for Florence + the Machine with you. This is her performance at Hackney Weekend in the UK last weekend. The theme for today’s show is Hackney + the other concerts I have blogged about this week. Expect music from the likes of Florence, Emeli Shante, Jack White, Deadmua5, Coldplay, The Flaming Lips, and somehow I’m going to try and squeeze a little bit of Rihana in there.

On the show I typically play music straight from youtube videos of performances so I’m sure the recordings are live and also because its more fun for me to watch. But sadly my listeners cannot watch the videos and don’t get to see the majestic dance moves and attire of Ms Florence Welch and other artists I include on the show… cause you know that’s just how radio works.

Anyway, I’m going to try from now on to include at least one video on the blog per show. Knowing me I’ll probably go overboard on this so you can probably expect more than one (hehe).

Click on the Published by bbcradio1 link at the bottom of the video to see more from Hackney Weekend.

And if you want to make me really happy listen to 91.1 KLSU Baton Rouge from 11am-1pm today for more jams! And if you want to make me ecstatic comment on the post below and let me know what you thought/think about the show or just anything to let me know that someone out there is reading this blog!

They’re just human


I promise you a week in my life does not typically include seeing two of today’s best live bands preform near/in my home town, but hey, I guess I just got lucky. And let me tell you, I am not normally a lucky person. I mean who runs into the top-hatted unicycle-riding monkey-boy she was friendly to once on a weekly basis? This girl.

Back on track though. The Flaming Lips preformed at the Varisty yesterday at 1:30 and man were my lips flaming. What does that mean, you ask? I don’t know. What I’m trying to say was that they were good. Rul good.

They were trying (and did) break the world record for the most shows played in 24 hours. It was previously held by Jay-Z, but he can’t have Beyonce, their baby, and the record.

The show was short, only 30 minutes actually, but I forgive them a) because they are world record holders now b) because what they did play was very very good and c) Wayne Coyne wore his fuzzy gloves.

I’m definitely hoping to see them again soon for a full on show. I have not mentioned this, but I am a DJ at the local college radio station here called KLSU. The show is called Fest Furr All, much like this blog. So if my ramblings have enticed you please please please tune in 11-1pm on 91.1 in Baton Rouge and you can hear some Flaming Lips!

Pantses- Snake Skin


I got these cool pantses yesterday.

For further reference pantses is how my housekeeper says pants. She’s pretty cool.

I’m obsessed with these so check ’em out!

(S.Y.L.K. pants. From Stella Boutique, Perkins Road, Baton Rouge LA $106)

We’ll be glowin in the dark

So I saw Coldplay on Monday night. That’s worthy of a first blog post right? It was my fourth time seeing them and despite any of my worries, they did not disappoint. Rather, THEY WERE AWESOME! So you’ve heard it hear first: If you think you have outgrown Coldplay, or are too cool for them now, you are wrong. Just really really wrong.

They were so good in fact, that I thought, “Self, its about time you stop procrastinating on this blog because this experience deserves a blog post g-dangit!” So that is what I did. Posted on this here blog.

Anywho, I have been told that a very important step in blogging is deciding what you want to blog about. I have finally decided what that is, so I guess I will share it with y’all ( I say y’all. Get over it).

I am a student-athlete at NCAA Div. 1 university in the SEC. As you can imagine my schedule is basically non-stop. I love it, but it leaves little time for much else.

However, I want to write. I love to write. And I know that one day down the road if I want to get paid the big bucks to write I need to be writing right now.

Say Write again. Write.

Don’t fret though, the words I write here will not be written simply for writing’s sake. There is a point to all this. I want to use this blog as an escape from my monotonous daily schedule. Despite what my coaches, and sometimes even I think, there is more to me than sports and school. I love music, I love fashion, and I love learning about plain-ole random stuff. So that’s what this blog is going to be about.

Stick around because there should be more Coldplay pic n’ vids, vids n’ pics comin your way once I figure out how that works…