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I Want to Ride My Bicycle


“What in the world am I looking at?”  you are probably asking yourself right now.

Well my friends THAT is what is known here in H-Town as a “Pedal Party.” It is a bike/car/bar/ combo that can be rented out for an evening of caravanning and crawling. Pub crawling that is.

Patrons provide the power by pedaling as a certified Pedal Party driver wheels you around from bar to bar at a whopping speed of 5 mph. *Tip: if you are not keen on exerting a whole lot of energy sit next to your friend’s 6- foot- something cyclist father. *

I don’t think I need to explain to you all that we had a fantastic time. Our cool driver Stephanie who prefers to go by Steph (we’re tight like that) drove us up and down Washington Avenue for the night while we held up traffic and quite literally hollah-ed at cars and pedestrians, stopping at several popular bars such as Kung Fu and The Drinkery.

After our allotted time of bicycle bound debauchery we returned to the previously mentioned ^ Kung Fu where a ridiculous number of SelLlfFieEz were taken “because of the LIGHTING. duh.” Enjoy.


Song of the Summer

BILLAndy Williams_6

I’m absolutely in love with this song and with Andy Williams, despite his somewhat recent passing. Mr Big actually turned me on to it after watching the episode a few days ago where he and Carrie dance in his empty apartment before he leaves for Napa.
‘Moon River’ may be 40 some-odd years old and I doubt MTV or anyone else for that matter will declare this the song of the summer. But it is MY song of the summer. It doesn’t necessarily relate to me. There is no significant other in my life, let alone one crossing rivers for me. But guys, listening to this song (on repeat) has opened up my ears to a whole new genre of music and talent. I’ve always been inclined to listen to older music, but not necessarily this style. What happened to music, voices, lyrics, men like this? Really?

Just another example of how I am meant to be born in a different era. I have decided as of 3 seconds ago, that if I can’t have the 19teens and 20’s, my next choice would be the 1950’s…. I think there’s a generational cycle theory in there somewhere.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard this song. Listen. It will bring tears to your eyes.

Also check out that smile…eeeeee!


Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you’re going, I’m going your way

Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see

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HBD Kyra


The Bday Princess and me.

Last night was my very best gal’s 21st birthday… So virtually my second 21st birthday, because what’s so great about being 21 if your BFF can’t get into the bar to dance like a fool with you. Amiright?

In actuality the only dancing that happened last night was in Kyra’s kitchen to The Backstreet Boys after dinner, but we are saving our really good moves for a) when we finally meet Nick Carter and b) another non-work-night this week.

Last night was still p. great though. I accompanied K and her parents, who at the age of 40 are cooler than I ever will or could ever be, to this trendy Houston restaurant called Uchi. The food was waaay out of my comfort zone, with lots of raw fish and the likes, but to my dismay it was absolutely delicious.

Like so so so very delicious, y’all.

Like so good that I willingly ate brussel sprouts if that gives you a clue.

My favorite part of the meal was the hot rock venison wagyu beef. Now maybe this is a common thing at trendy restaurants that I’m completely out of touch with, but I thought this was awesome: Our waiter brought out to us a 500 degree rock, a bed of salt, 5 slivers of meat, and told us to go at it. The rock that I initially thought was a potato served as our grill and we each cooked ourself a few slivers o’ meat.

I’m a big fan of beef and I’m easily entertained, so naturally I loved this.

It was a great night full of new experiences, really wonderful people, a significant amount of wine… Aaaannnd (drumroll please) my new jumpsuit! All in the name of my main girl Kyra.

It couldn’t have been better. I’m so glad Kyra was born for an infinite number of reasons. Last night was definitely one of them



The picture doesn’t do it justice mainly because I’m being licked to death by a pit bull, but my tigerific jumpsuit came from none other than my favorite vintage store Time Warp… and I like this picture.

Tuesday Shoesday: American Edition



I know Fourth of July in’t until next week and all, but the real meaty American stuff if happening right now… and these shoes are great.

Between the Supreme Court issuing six rulings yesterday, striking down Section 5 of the prolific Voting Rights Act of 1965 today, and possibly making history tomorrow with a decision on Prop 8; this is a week that I am extremely proud to be an American. No matter what your opinions are on the issues, this time of year shows off what makes America…well, America. As judges, branches, citizens, journalists, and more debate, consider, learn, vote, and even rule; we are engaging in the same exchange our Founding Fathers envisioned and set out for us 200 years ago. The same exchange that helped us to abolish slavery, go to the moon, grant suffrage, go to war, create an economic boom, create a Great Depression, protect freedoms, and continue on in this great experiment we call democracy.

Though sometimes America disgusts me, and though I’m not sure yet if I agree with all of these SCOTUS decisions, the fact that the Supreme Court ruled a section of a nearly 40-year- old law unconstitutional today is pretty amazing. Though sometimes it seems like our nation is in a tailspin these days, the fact that through deliberation and a careful balance of power our judicial system CHANGED the law of the United States in order to (in their opinion) better uphold the standards our nation was founded upon is just plain cool.

Maybe the issuance of these decisions will hurt the US. Maybe it will ensure more freedoms. Maybe it will spark a revolution. I don’t know. But I do know that if these policies do result in political, social, economic atrocities to the United States, our system will allow us to debate, discuss, vote, overthrow, and potentially CHANGE them yet again, so long as we do not limit basic freedoms or act against the principles our nation is built upon. It is this ability to change that gives me hope in America… Does anyone remember President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign slogan? Right now is kind of an ugly time, and I’m not even going to pretend that I understand it all. But I believe that it can change. As long as we engage in the process that those rebellious men in wigs set up for us, bringing  our informed minds and the desire to work together to get it right (unfortunately I don’t know how much of either we are doing today) to the table, I believe that this country can and prevail.

It may take more time. It will definitely take more change. But this is democracy in action, folks. And it’s a b-e-a-uuutiful thing.

Also beautiful, these Cobalt Dee Keller loafers from a few seasons ago that make me feel like a smart American gal, that just so happen to be an American color! No wayyyah! Mrs. Dee is a close family friend of mine and started her own shoe and now clothing line in the last few years. Check her out and check out her daughter Brighton’s blog that is super-duper awesome and has a lot of posts about the DK line.

*Also Happiest of 21st Birfdays to my BFF Kyra Jones. You aren’t American but I love you anyway*

Now comment below please and let me know what you think of my thinking!

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Weekend Update: Fam’s All Here


It’s funny how things work out.

Last week I wrote about my two families: my biological one and my Tiger one.

Four days later the latter showed up in Houston, to surprise our mutual family member/ my best friend Kyra for her birthday. The great thing about family is that they’re family no matter what the setting. Though we were miles away from our normal habitat, nothing changed within my Tiger family. I guess when people know you and you know them, at your/their truest of self, the environment doesn’t make a difference. They continue being them and you continue being you. There are no charades or fronts, no need to impress, just family.

This family of mine and I had a great time this weekend just hanging out like we always do. Above is our family pic.

It’s going over the mantel.

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The Perfect Shirt.


jaye.e Ivory Chiffon Lack Black Colorblock Blouse

Y’all I have found the perfect shirt. Dress is up, dress it down, dress it for work, it’s just perfect.

I wore it just the other day from the moment I woke up until I went to bed that night.

I really can’t say anything more than that I am simply in love with it. PLUS I got it on sale.

Click the pic to find it on Bluefly.

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Weekend Update: Family


I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been busy with family things.

And as Michael Bluth says, “Family always comes first.”

Recent years have shown me that there really isn’t a strict definition of a family. Traditionally it is thought of as a group of biologically related humans that share a common name. Coming from a stable upper-middle class family this is largely what I define it as. But, for others a family can be a group of friends, co workers, their pets, their work out buddies.For 10 years “the girls” are Carrie Bradshaw’s family. Rachel Green’s is the inhabitants of 19 a and b and the coffee shop gang. ( If NBC ever were to show her and Ross’ wedding things would change, but a girl can only dream.)

In my life I now have two families: my biological one that I adore, and my Tiger one. Yes. Tigers. Rawr

I haven’t talked about this much since my very first post on this blog, but I am a member of the LSU Swimming and Diving Team. With the exception of this summer as I experiment in the working world, swimming and my team mates are basically the center of my life. Over the course of three going on four (eeeek!) years, a bond and sense of community has grown between me and my wonderfully weird team mates that can only be described as familial. Much like my other family we compete, we bicker, and we don’t necessarily like each other all of the time. But in the end we always have each other’s backs, we know way too much about each other, and we’ll do next to anything to insure that our group is successful. It’s hard to put into words all of feelings I have for this group of people and try to explain it to someone on the outside, but all in all it’s pretty simple : At LSU we’re a team, we’re a family, and it works.

I can’t imagine my life without either of my families: without my tiny mother’s advice, my stoic father sitting in his chair, my dog’s cuddles, Clay’s personality that is the polar opposite to mine, my aunt’s laugh, my Grammy’s smell, dancing with Kyra, flexing with Amber, wise words from Chris, hilarious words from the other Chris, my mortal enemy Shane, hugs from G&C, and every brief yet memorable conversation I have ever had with Dave.

So, yeah family is my favorite. These past few days with everyone have been great. Here are some pics so everyone can see how good we look.

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Microwave Meal


Well doesn’t that look nice?!

My apartment in Houston doesn’t have an oven or stove top, so for health and monetary reasons I have been attempting to make dinner for myself using the few appliances I have. Tonight was my first success!

I am by no means a foody ( I only started eating non-white foods recently) and do not possess any natural ability in the kitchen. I also am not a big fan of microwaveable-tv-dinner- like-packages. But, today during my lunch break I found some easy options that even the biggest klutz like me was able to figure out!

The meal took about 20 minutes to make, and to my surprise was quite tasty and pretty healthy!

I also learned that the amount of cheese you add to a meal directly increases your chance of success.

The only problem was that after my long workout today, I was still a tad bit hungry after the dinner; but it was nothing a little dessert couldn’t help 🙂


-1 baked potato-About 10 minutes

-1 Morning Star Spicy Bean Burger- 2 minutes (good source of protein and veggies)

-1/2 a bag of Green Giant Microwavable Asparagus tips ( added a little butter and Tony’s) -6 minutes

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Tuesday Shoesday


These simple Steve Madden sandals are getting rave reviews at the office today!

I bought them just a few weeks ago at a department store in BR before coming to work in Houston, not thinking all that much of them, but knowing that they would be office appropriate and would go with a lot of basic outfits. I also wear mostly gold jewelry, so I knew I could use them to tie outfits together. But I never thought they would make an outfit like my co-workers seem to believe!

It’s always nice to get compliments, especially when it’s on something you don’t even notice you’re doing/wearing!  And it’s always fun to see how people with different styles can see an outfit in different ways.

Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday with some great shoes to give you an extra pep in your step 🙂

* Also please excuse the sweaty toe marks in the photo above. Again, I’m in Texas.

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Weekend Update


This weekend was full of food and babies. So it was p. d. good.

The most momentous part of my weekend occurred Friday when I ate the best sandwich of my life.

Yes. The best.

My little piece of Heaven came from Picnic, a small bakery near Rice University that specializes in breads, box lunches, and apparently perfect slices of pickles.

Seriously, yall. It was amazing. I ordered the Roasted Turkey sandwich and was near tears after my first taste. I savored the last bite for as long as I could, cutting it into smaller and smaller halves until I was forced to come to terms with the fact that the sandwich was finished. Then I ate the perfect pickle while simultaneously SnapChatting.

Other notable food experiences were had at the new Torhcy’s Tacos in Rice Village (where the signage above was found) and Good Company Taqueria.

Don’t judge. I’m in Texas.

And to add a little cherry on top I was eating all of this deliciousness while getting to spend time with my adorable second-twice-removed-something-or-other genius cousins.

Yay! Here are sum pics

Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Havarti Cheese, Tomato and Avacado Basil Mayo (what)   on whole wheat bun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picnic Box Lunches

1928 Bissonet, Houston, TX


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