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Weekend Update: Another Nola Wedding

This weekend I ventured down yet again to the Big Easy for a family wedding.

Small world. This time the bride and groom to-be were my Great Aunt Debby, known to all of Louisiana just as Aunt Debby, and my next door neighbor Mr David. The two have been together for about a year now, and their relationship gives me hope that even later in their life, there are still people falling in love out there today, right in your own back yard… Literally.

It was a great weekend celebrating yet another great couple. Here are my top 5 favorite parts about my Nola weekend

1. Family

These people seem to find their way to the top of my list quite often, but that’s because they are just that great. This weekend marked several firsts for us. It was the first “nightlife” experience that the entire BR clan shared since all of the kids “grew up.” It also was the first time any of us witnessed my Granddad grace the dance floor, as we taught him to raise the roof. Or what he liked to call ” push up.”
2. The Gatsby Room

This room was by far the most Gatsby place I have ever entered. It was actually shocking that we didnt find Leo/Robert in the room.
During dance breaks my family rushed to occupy this bohemian, leather clad, overly air conditioned, secret room in the back of Muriel’s ( where the reception was held) to cool off and be anti- social.

3. The New Digs

In conjunction with the wedding, Aunt Debby now has new digs, right on the Mardi Gras parade route. After downsizing to an apartment in the quarter, we are glad to know that Debs can once again host Sunday Baccus festivities for many years to come, because AUNT DEBBY NEEDS BEADS!

4. Brett Furr

I honestly think that my father lives for weddings. With those white saddle backs, hidden hip swaying talents, and a voice just waiting to be heard, weddings truly are his time to shine… Or at least that’s the way Brett sees it. This time we got a rendition of the always crowd pleasing “Don’t Stop Believing” and I was lucky to finally catch his dancing in action. See vine video to have your mind blown.

Seriously he is a ridiculous human being and if anyone ever wonders why I am so weird they can look right to that guy.

5. Heaven in Egg Form


Chef’s Special Omelette at Camellia Grille. I honestly had no idea what it was while I watched the cool make it from behind the bar, but when I ate it all I knew was that it was fantastic. It was the perfect nostrum for a Sunday morning in New Orleans.

You’ve done it again Nola. Can’t wait until we meet again.

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Heeeeyy brother


The best part about having a little brother is… Well this.

The other best part is when he brings over his girlfriend and my potential new best friend who will watch 4 hours of Say Yes to the Dress with me and tell us stories about being called a jackass by her mother at Girl Scouts.

Thanks Clay Play for providing Yvette and me with a fairly awesome Friday. We know you love SYTTD.

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And the countdown begins


Deadmau5 2011. I’m in there. Somewhere.

Ok so this post will pretty much belie my last post about my cyclical, non-exciting lifestyle,


Today marks one week until I arrive in Chicago for the much anticipated Lollapalooza Music Festival in Grant Park. 

It also marks one week until I can finally see my BFF Kyra for the first time in a month. Wooh!

 This will be my second time attending the music festival, as I went in 2011 to see the likes of Coldplay (funny story), Deadmau5 during a torrential downpour, Ellie Goulding before she was ELLIE GOULDING, the Arctic Monkeys, and many many more. 

This year the lineup is equally, if not more, impressive.

I’m most excited to see Alt-J again, Lana, Local Native, The National, Tegan and Sara, Icona Pop (duh), Phoenix, THE KILLERS, VAMPIRE WEEKEND, AND MUMFORD AND SONS *sobs*

*still sobbing*

Ok I’m back.

In addition to all of this music I’m super stoked to spend time in my favorite city in America, Chicago*, with my favorite hipster family, the Jones. 

I will also be visiting Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism while in the windy city and thus will most likely spend a considerable amount of time freaking out about my future; that is until I am pleasantly distracted by the rock stars or that glutonous dinner at The Purple Pig that I am so looking forward to. 

Still on the to do list: Figure out what on Earth I’m going to wearrrrrrah! 


*Chicago, IL is tied with New Orleans, LA as my favorite city in America. 

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Tuesday Shoesday: Trainers


These shoes are kind of defining my life these days.

I don’t write about this a lot on here, because… well it doesn’t inspire great writing, so if you’re just tuning in or don’t know me personally let me remind or tell you that aside from my prolific blogging career (pah) I am a member of the LSU Swim Team.

For real though, swimming is pretty much my life 6 and sometimes 7 days a week, 50 weeks of the year.

This summer I have had the freedom to explore new cities and try a ton of new things due to the fact that I had run out of summer classes to take and luckily scored a sweet internship in Houston. Thus providing me with a legitimate reason to take a short break from the chlorinated waters and explore life outside the walls of the nat ( short for Natatorium… Swimmers lingo lol).

Though so far this summer has been great, it is not a fair representation of what my normal life is like.

My life is in actuality less about planning what cool and fun things I can do each night, and more about making it to the next acceptable time to eat or sleep… And constantly wondering why there isn’t a way to do both at the same time.

Obesity epidemic: solved.

Anyway, these next few weeks in my life are all about getting back into tip-top shape so I am ready for the start of the season when it rolls around in just over a month. That will include copious amounts of running, swimming, and weight lifting, and these shoes are helping me along the way (which is more that I can say for my shoulders, quads, hip flexers and neck…)

So as I return back to my normal, less exciting lifestyle, this blog will likely change a little bit. I still want to document my life, the people and fun things in it, but in reality I know that I will have less time and energy to go out, explore and report on the unique experiences that are out there to be had.

But I guess this blog in a way can be a catalyst, pushing me to live a little more and not let that black line at the bottom of the pool completely consume my days.

I want to clarify, that I love swimming. Honestly I do. I would not have had my college experience any other way. Through it I have met my closest friends, have immensely grown as a person, and find a sense of accomplishment every day.

But at the same time, this coming semester will mark the start of my senior year–my last year with these aforementioned incredible people and possibly my last year in Baton Rouge, and there’s still so much I want to do!

So… I guess what I’m saying here is that though my life will be reverting back to it’s more typical, physical, and cyclical ways, this blog will continue to exist to push me to live life outside of that as I document it for all to see.

Stay tuned to see what I have in store. I’m excited for it.

Granted: this all depends on if I make if out of the pool alive tomorrow. If not, goodbye interwebs, you have always been good to me.

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Music Monday: The Paper Kites


Welcome to the first installment of Music Monday! 

Now that I have a bit more free time post-internship, I will likely spend way too much time perusing Spotify. In return I will be sharing with some of my finds with you all. 

This week’s honoree is the chill Australian band The Paper Kites

They remind me of Local Natives with slightly less vocal harmonizing and a more upbeat tone as compared to Natives’ most recent album, Hummingbird.

The Aussie have released 2 EPs so far, and are scheduled to premiere its first full length album by the end of the year. 

Favorite songs from the band include

1. Bloom– super sweet and romantic, makes me wish a man-boy would sing it to me

2. Willow Tree March– chill and melancholy, makes me want to sway

3. Featherstone– more upbeat, great song for summer drives


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Week(end) Update: Family Vacay


As mentioned in my previous posts/poetry, my family and I ventured to our condo in Pensacola Beach, FL for ONE WHOLE WEEK.

That’s right people

For the first time since “the kids” “grew up” my entire family (aunt’s uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.) was able to find an entire week  to commit to the white sand, crashing waves, glorious sun, and the “unique” Florida panhandle “culture.”

Enough quotes for ya?

I’m not going to go into detail recounting every sunset on the balcony or side-crampingly funny moment of the trip because, like most people, when I attempt to explain my family it never quite works.

All I have to say about the week was that it was perfect.

10 hours of sleep + beach + home-cooked dinner + pictephone + laughing + Apple TV +  boats+ grandparents … I mean…What else could a girl ask for?



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Vacation Is

A Poem by Laura Furr


Vacation is:
Taking a nap at 9:30 pm
Waking up an hour later
Brushing teeth
Putting retainer in
Writing this poem
And promptly going back to sleep.


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Flying High



I’m heading to Pensacola, FL this week for a much needed family vacation.

The whole fam, grandparents, cousins and all, will be bunked up in our condo for 7 days and so far it has been just great.

Day 1 consisted of an afternoon on the beach, sunset on the balcony, Grammy’s jambalaya, an evening thunderstorm and a whole lot of laughing.

So yeah. Pretty great.

Brett and I flew down here after work this afternoon. Above are pictures from our flight. We successfully avoided the dementors.

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J&K Wedding


Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating the marriage of the most perfect couple I know down in the Big Easy.

The bride, who is one of my biggest role models, was absolutely stunning and the wonderfully handsome-future doctor-groom was as happy as he could be.

Though it wasn’t an extended stay ( me and my “date” had to get back to Baton Rouge for an early morning swim meet) I always love being in New Orleans, eating some great food and simply enjoying the overflow of Louisiana culture.

The wedding took place last week in Estonia , the bride’s home country. And let me tell ya’ the photos are just beautiful.

Last night’s celebration was just that, a celebration, for the less beautiful American population who could not travel for the actual wedding. It was held at the pavilion at the Omni Hotel was the perfect setting for the intimate gathering that allowed me to catch up with several old friends and witness my first real-life wedding crasher. All in all it was another great evening in the Nola with even better friends.

I’m so happy to have been able to celebrate this couple. Congrats J&K!

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This is all you need to know.


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