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Bleeblahblah, LaMeMe ( Beausoleil and Latte e Miele) and Conserving the Gluttony



Yay to us for actually doing something that we said we were going to! This bucket list thing rocks!

This weekend, KSkye and I checked off not one, but TWO items on our Bucket List. Shockingly they were both food related.

The first check came from a scrumptious dinner at Beausoleil with the “in-laws,” followed by some equally scrumptious gelatto from Latte e Miele that was conveniently located right next door.

**Neither of us are food critics ( I just started eating non-white food last year) so forgive me if this and subsequent food posts aren’t the most eloquent pieces of blog-erature you have ever read. Here is goes.**

Let me start by saying that in my mind the quality of a restaurant increases exponentially if there is bread provided for the table. My opinion of the restaurant continues to increase the more times the wait staff refills our bread basket, and it will increase even more if I don’t have to ask for said basket to be refilled. And don’t you worry, I will ask.

Given this information, one can assume that I was pretty stoked when we were welcomed to Beausoleil with 2 baskets of fried pork fat ( lol conserving the gluttony).

With visions of craklins dancing through our heads, we continued our meal with an order of shrimp and grits for the table to share. For me, the consistency of grits is a hard thing to get just right, but these were spot on. Plus with the hint of chorizo and chili butter (drool) , this appetizer was tres delicious.

At this point in the meal Mr. Brian was also chowing on some insane-looking- cheese-encrusted French Onion soup that I was eyeing. I’m definitely going to have to try that next time.

Next up was the main course. For this I ordered the pan roasted chicken breast with prosciutto wrapped asparagus and a citrus beurre blanc. Who am I ? Kyra ordered the grilled pork chop with caramelized cauliflower and Creole mustard glaze. It was massive.

Both meals were quite delicious and the atmosphere in the small, bustling restaurant was enjoyable. It was great to catch up with the Jones and talk about our future (jobs), past ( and our present (LSU football).

Our only regret was that we went to the restaurant the night before we had our weight circuit (really difficult training) and were conscious of this while ordering. If I had left the ordering up to my taste buds alone I probably would have gotten boudin, the mac and cheese with mushroom gravy, one of their rich fish dishes, or any of the fried foods being traipsed in front of my face all evening long. I am also very interested in trying their brunch menu, specifically for their chicken and waffles.

But, sacrifices are part of the game. And now we have even more incentive to go back one day and totally glutton it up!

To compensate for our lack of total gluttony we compromised with some gelatto for dessert at Latte e Miele.

I am so happy this eatery moved “into the city” and expanded their menu. Their new space is so chic and modern you will forget you’re on the middle of Jefferson Highway. Plus their gelatto is so so delicious. It was a great way to finish up a great night… and no one threw up during circuit. Yay!


I’m sufficiently hungry now, so that’s all I’m going to say. Thanks everyone for the support of our bucket list adventure over the past few weeks! It has been really cool to hear from y’all. If you have any comments please post below!

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