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Bucket o’ Bread


In order to appear less like a couple, Kyra and I joined up with our five fellow senior ladies to bask in our last few days/weeks of true caloric freedom, checking off another bucket lister at The Little Village.

The main attraction: BREAD.


We also had some entrees in there somewhere, but as I told Kyra before heading downto(w)n, it’s hard to remember anything else on the menu because… bread.

This braided decadency of dough, topped with parmesan cheese crumbles and roasted garlic is what a carb-lover’s dreams are made of.

Seriously, Kyra dreamed about it.

Thanks to a great group of senior Tigirls for for a fun evening. I loaf you all.


P.S. Alternative titles for this post consisted of “Bread Babes” and/or “Boobs and Bread.” Take that as you wish.

P.P.S. Everyone should google “bread puns” as soon as humanly possible. HI-larious.

P.P. S. S. Parker.


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Seen and Heard at Zeeland Street Market

2013-10-19 12.46.53


“There hasn’t been one bite that I haven’t loved.”

“All of my favorite things are on one plate.”

” So much meat!!!”

“Wow. Just. Wow.”

“Can I have some of your butter?”

So yeah… Our Zeeland lunch was amazing.

Kyra ordered the brisket plate and I had Momma’s pot roast.

Obviously we were quite satisfied with our authentic, southern, home-cooked, DELICIOUS meals.

It was nice to change it up a little bit and eat lunch at one of our favorite breakfast stops in the best neighborhood in BR.

I can’t say which menu I prefer, lunch or breakfast.  Plus I just heard that they are introducing to-go dinners for those of us who cant get enough of the Z.

So I guess this means we’ll just have to start eating there for every meal of the every day…

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Weekend Update: Farewell Houston

All things must come to an end and it looks like my time in Houston has done just that.

This past weekend marked my final weekend in H-Town. Accordingly, I soaked up as much of the city as a could. The escapades would be a lot to compress into one post, nor can I find a common theme to center the post around so I’m going to do the thing I do best and make a list!

Top 5 Things About My Farewell to Houston Weekend

1. Renee


My wonderful mother came to help me pack up my apartment and also to take advantage of the holiday weekend sales. Things are pretty much automatically better when Renee is around… at least for me, and this weekend was a testament to that. I was able to show some off my favorite places in the city- Picnic, Bikhram’s Yoga, the Rice Running Trails– and it made me feel super grown up as I directed her through the streets of Houston (even if we did get lost once). She also brought the big bucks and we tackled  some of the big Houston shopping areas, which brings me to point number…

2. Tootsies


Tootsies, Tootsies, Tootsies. What can I even say about Tootsies? It was an overwhelming fashion experience in the best way possible. I got to see J Mendel dresses up close and personal and decided (as if there was any doubt) that I would wear any article of clothing the line ever produced. I also purchased my very first Nanette Lepore piece with this here blazer!!!, something I have been waiting to do since Carrie Bradshaw opened that giant box in SATC The Movie. Annnnd the work or art was on sale so I was actally saving money by purchasing a neon pink blazer! That’s how it works right?

Also shout out to our girl Leslie. Not only did you look like Karen Walker from Will and Grace, but you were super helpful and thanks for complimenting my eyes 😉

3. Goode Company Seafood

After trying on clothes that would only look good on a model, the next healthy step is devouring a ginormous meal, yes? Yes. Yes it is.


After the shops, Neners and I joined up with some of our Houston family at another Houston family’s famous seafood restaurant. Though the atmosphere was casual… Like streetcar casual if that’s a thing… our dinner warranted five-star glowing stars. I ordered the flounder special with lemon glaze and jumbo lump crab meat on top (yum) with an avocado ranch side salad that was more that worth mentioning. Seriously, those pecans in there- amazing.

4. Couching*


This weekend I also achieved my goal of sleeping on my friends’ couch at least once a week while I was in Houston. Ok, so it actually wasn’t a real goal of mine, but nevertheless I’m glad I did it for the following reasons (this list bout to get rul serious):

a) Sleeping on that couch suggests that I had a fun night with friends

b) It is honestly the best couch I know, I can only think of two couches that compare, and if you get the pillows just right it’s comfier than any fancy bed.

Success for Laura!

*Disclaimer: Laura in 20 years, if blogging is still a thing and you happen to look back at this, don’t be ashamed that you did this. Simply remember Chris and Roddy karaoke-rapping to Eminem and you’ll know it was all worth it.

5. Star Pizza


For the first time this weekend I tried the Houston landmark pizza joint Star Pizza. The Chicago style deep dish pizzas were/ are mouth watering as exemplified by the fact that my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. Though a little pricy compared to what I’m used to in the good ole BR, a small pizza served as two meals and was perfect for latenighting prior to my couching successes.

Thanks again Houston for another awesome weekend. I’m gonna miss ya like crazee.

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HBD Kyra


The Bday Princess and me.

Last night was my very best gal’s 21st birthday… So virtually my second 21st birthday, because what’s so great about being 21 if your BFF can’t get into the bar to dance like a fool with you. Amiright?

In actuality the only dancing that happened last night was in Kyra’s kitchen to The Backstreet Boys after dinner, but we are saving our really good moves for a) when we finally meet Nick Carter and b) another non-work-night this week.

Last night was still p. great though. I accompanied K and her parents, who at the age of 40 are cooler than I ever will or could ever be, to this trendy Houston restaurant called Uchi. The food was waaay out of my comfort zone, with lots of raw fish and the likes, but to my dismay it was absolutely delicious.

Like so so so very delicious, y’all.

Like so good that I willingly ate brussel sprouts if that gives you a clue.

My favorite part of the meal was the hot rock venison wagyu beef. Now maybe this is a common thing at trendy restaurants that I’m completely out of touch with, but I thought this was awesome: Our waiter brought out to us a 500 degree rock, a bed of salt, 5 slivers of meat, and told us to go at it. The rock that I initially thought was a potato served as our grill and we each cooked ourself a few slivers o’ meat.

I’m a big fan of beef and I’m easily entertained, so naturally I loved this.

It was a great night full of new experiences, really wonderful people, a significant amount of wine… Aaaannnd (drumroll please) my new jumpsuit! All in the name of my main girl Kyra.

It couldn’t have been better. I’m so glad Kyra was born for an infinite number of reasons. Last night was definitely one of them



The picture doesn’t do it justice mainly because I’m being licked to death by a pit bull, but my tigerific jumpsuit came from none other than my favorite vintage store Time Warp… and I like this picture.

Microwave Meal


Well doesn’t that look nice?!

My apartment in Houston doesn’t have an oven or stove top, so for health and monetary reasons I have been attempting to make dinner for myself using the few appliances I have. Tonight was my first success!

I am by no means a foody ( I only started eating non-white foods recently) and do not possess any natural ability in the kitchen. I also am not a big fan of microwaveable-tv-dinner- like-packages. But, today during my lunch break I found some easy options that even the biggest klutz like me was able to figure out!

The meal took about 20 minutes to make, and to my surprise was quite tasty and pretty healthy!

I also learned that the amount of cheese you add to a meal directly increases your chance of success.

The only problem was that after my long workout today, I was still a tad bit hungry after the dinner; but it was nothing a little dessert couldn’t help 🙂


-1 baked potato-About 10 minutes

-1 Morning Star Spicy Bean Burger- 2 minutes (good source of protein and veggies)

-1/2 a bag of Green Giant Microwavable Asparagus tips ( added a little butter and Tony’s) -6 minutes

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Weekend Update


This weekend was full of food and babies. So it was p. d. good.

The most momentous part of my weekend occurred Friday when I ate the best sandwich of my life.

Yes. The best.

My little piece of Heaven came from Picnic, a small bakery near Rice University that specializes in breads, box lunches, and apparently perfect slices of pickles.

Seriously, yall. It was amazing. I ordered the Roasted Turkey sandwich and was near tears after my first taste. I savored the last bite for as long as I could, cutting it into smaller and smaller halves until I was forced to come to terms with the fact that the sandwich was finished. Then I ate the perfect pickle while simultaneously SnapChatting.

Other notable food experiences were had at the new Torhcy’s Tacos in Rice Village (where the signage above was found) and Good Company Taqueria.

Don’t judge. I’m in Texas.

And to add a little cherry on top I was eating all of this deliciousness while getting to spend time with my adorable second-twice-removed-something-or-other genius cousins.

Yay! Here are sum pics

Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Havarti Cheese, Tomato and Avacado Basil Mayo (what)   on whole wheat bun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picnic Box Lunches

1928 Bissonet, Houston, TX


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