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Bucket o’ Bread


In order to appear less like a couple, Kyra and I joined up with our five fellow senior ladies to bask in our last few days/weeks of true caloric freedom, checking off another bucket lister at The Little Village.

The main attraction: BREAD.


We also had some entrees in there somewhere, but as I told Kyra before heading downto(w)n, it’s hard to remember anything else on the menu because… bread.

This braided decadency of dough, topped with parmesan cheese crumbles and roasted garlic is what a carb-lover’s dreams are made of.

Seriously, Kyra dreamed about it.

Thanks to a great group of senior Tigirls for for a fun evening. I loaf you all.


P.S. Alternative titles for this post consisted of “Bread Babes” and/or “Boobs and Bread.” Take that as you wish.

P.P.S. Everyone should google “bread puns” as soon as humanly possible. HI-larious.

P.P. S. S. Parker.


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For the Girls


Happy 15th Anniversary to the show that taught me everything I know, “Sex and the City.”

Ok that may be a stretch. I can see that not everything on the show is 100% accurate, applicable, or realistic. But the two underlying themes throughout the 6 season series are more honest and life affirming ideas I have seen on television during my mere 21 years on Earth. I think they can be summarized by two infamous quotes. The first coming from the ever-nuerotic, hilarious romantic Charlotte York McDougall Goldenblatt, and the later from my main curly-haired sister, Carrie Bradshaw.

Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and guys are just people to have fun with.” -Charlotte

“I’m looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.” – Carrie

Maybe you have seen these quotes all over the internet today celebrating #SATC15. Yes they may seem cheesy when written out, and yes this post may not be the most original thing ever; but when those words were uttered through our silver screens I’m 98.7% sure that every female in the country’s hearts sank just a little. The reason these quotes are everywhere today is because in actuality, these words reflect exactly what women have been and still are thinking, wanting, believing, etc. I love my girls more than I think any guy, but at the same time I do want love, real love, OKAY?!! It’s a perfect example of the show’s impeccably realistic writing and creation…and jeez I just love it so much!

So happy anniversary, SATC! You rock! I hope everyone out there had a great girly night. For me, I took my brand spanking new shoes to meet up with my very own Samantha (aka Kaelee) to explore Downton Houston (more on Downton later. GAH). We saw some zydeco music at the Discovery Green Park to remind us of good ole’ Louisiana and then ventured over to the Hearsay Gastro Lounge for a delicious dinner and cosmos (holllaaah).

I think The Girls would have been proud.


Beautiful Shoes from ASOS

Also if you want to stick around and keep reading I’m going to celebrate Big here for just a minute. Though sometimes he could be the absolute worst, I loved getting to know him and fall deeper and deeper in love with him as the show went on. Here are some of my favorite scenes with him.


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