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Happy Valentines from your Galentines

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“Maybe if I use my eggs to prop up my bacon-hearts it will look more like it did on Pinterest,” I thought to myself.

Just wanted to wish all of you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope each one of you gets to spend it with someone you love, whether that be your significant other, your family, your room-mates, your dog, Bob Costas… the list goes on.

Because the truth of the matter is that there are a whole lot of awesome people out there worth loving (yay!), and even though this day is kind of silly/trite/commercialized, it can remind us of this life affirming fact.

We Cabana-ites were lucky enough to share a V-Day breakfast this morning, with pink pancakes and bacon-hearts, which turned out nothing like the ones on that lie-of-a-website Pinterest, but I mean it was bacon so whatever.

Later today we will be making the road-trip to Houston where we will spend time with two of our most consuming loves: the Jone’s Family and Torchy’s.

And to top it off on this cavity-inducing post, here is a pic of my Granddad with a Valentine’s card from his wife of 51-years, the infamous Grammy! They make me “Happy Happy Happy.”

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Weekend Update: Another Nola Wedding

This weekend I ventured down yet again to the Big Easy for a family wedding.

Small world. This time the bride and groom to-be were my Great Aunt Debby, known to all of Louisiana just as Aunt Debby, and my next door neighbor Mr David. The two have been together for about a year now, and their relationship gives me hope that even later in their life, there are still people falling in love out there today, right in your own back yard… Literally.

It was a great weekend celebrating yet another great couple. Here are my top 5 favorite parts about my Nola weekend

1. Family

These people seem to find their way to the top of my list quite often, but that’s because they are just that great. This weekend marked several firsts for us. It was the first “nightlife” experience that the entire BR clan shared since all of the kids “grew up.” It also was the first time any of us witnessed my Granddad grace the dance floor, as we taught him to raise the roof. Or what he liked to call ” push up.”
2. The Gatsby Room

This room was by far the most Gatsby place I have ever entered. It was actually shocking that we didnt find Leo/Robert in the room.
During dance breaks my family rushed to occupy this bohemian, leather clad, overly air conditioned, secret room in the back of Muriel’s ( where the reception was held) to cool off and be anti- social.

3. The New Digs

In conjunction with the wedding, Aunt Debby now has new digs, right on the Mardi Gras parade route. After downsizing to an apartment in the quarter, we are glad to know that Debs can once again host Sunday Baccus festivities for many years to come, because AUNT DEBBY NEEDS BEADS!

4. Brett Furr

I honestly think that my father lives for weddings. With those white saddle backs, hidden hip swaying talents, and a voice just waiting to be heard, weddings truly are his time to shine… Or at least that’s the way Brett sees it. This time we got a rendition of the always crowd pleasing “Don’t Stop Believing” and I was lucky to finally catch his dancing in action. See vine video to have your mind blown.

Seriously he is a ridiculous human being and if anyone ever wonders why I am so weird they can look right to that guy.

5. Heaven in Egg Form


Chef’s Special Omelette at Camellia Grille. I honestly had no idea what it was while I watched the cool make it from behind the bar, but when I ate it all I knew was that it was fantastic. It was the perfect nostrum for a Sunday morning in New Orleans.

You’ve done it again Nola. Can’t wait until we meet again.

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Heeeeyy brother


The best part about having a little brother is… Well this.

The other best part is when he brings over his girlfriend and my potential new best friend who will watch 4 hours of Say Yes to the Dress with me and tell us stories about being called a jackass by her mother at Girl Scouts.

Thanks Clay Play for providing Yvette and me with a fairly awesome Friday. We know you love SYTTD.

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Week(end) Update: Family Vacay


As mentioned in my previous posts/poetry, my family and I ventured to our condo in Pensacola Beach, FL for ONE WHOLE WEEK.

That’s right people

For the first time since “the kids” “grew up” my entire family (aunt’s uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.) was able to find an entire week  to commit to the white sand, crashing waves, glorious sun, and the “unique” Florida panhandle “culture.”

Enough quotes for ya?

I’m not going to go into detail recounting every sunset on the balcony or side-crampingly funny moment of the trip because, like most people, when I attempt to explain my family it never quite works.

All I have to say about the week was that it was perfect.

10 hours of sleep + beach + home-cooked dinner + pictephone + laughing + Apple TV +  boats+ grandparents … I mean…What else could a girl ask for?



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Vacation Is

A Poem by Laura Furr


Vacation is:
Taking a nap at 9:30 pm
Waking up an hour later
Brushing teeth
Putting retainer in
Writing this poem
And promptly going back to sleep.


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Flying High



I’m heading to Pensacola, FL this week for a much needed family vacation.

The whole fam, grandparents, cousins and all, will be bunked up in our condo for 7 days and so far it has been just great.

Day 1 consisted of an afternoon on the beach, sunset on the balcony, Grammy’s jambalaya, an evening thunderstorm and a whole lot of laughing.

So yeah. Pretty great.

Brett and I flew down here after work this afternoon. Above are pictures from our flight. We successfully avoided the dementors.

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Weekend Update: Farewell Houston

All things must come to an end and it looks like my time in Houston has done just that.

This past weekend marked my final weekend in H-Town. Accordingly, I soaked up as much of the city as a could. The escapades would be a lot to compress into one post, nor can I find a common theme to center the post around so I’m going to do the thing I do best and make a list!

Top 5 Things About My Farewell to Houston Weekend

1. Renee


My wonderful mother came to help me pack up my apartment and also to take advantage of the holiday weekend sales. Things are pretty much automatically better when Renee is around… at least for me, and this weekend was a testament to that. I was able to show some off my favorite places in the city- Picnic, Bikhram’s Yoga, the Rice Running Trails– and it made me feel super grown up as I directed her through the streets of Houston (even if we did get lost once). She also brought the big bucks and we tackled  some of the big Houston shopping areas, which brings me to point number…

2. Tootsies


Tootsies, Tootsies, Tootsies. What can I even say about Tootsies? It was an overwhelming fashion experience in the best way possible. I got to see J Mendel dresses up close and personal and decided (as if there was any doubt) that I would wear any article of clothing the line ever produced. I also purchased my very first Nanette Lepore piece with this here blazer!!!, something I have been waiting to do since Carrie Bradshaw opened that giant box in SATC The Movie. Annnnd the work or art was on sale so I was actally saving money by purchasing a neon pink blazer! That’s how it works right?

Also shout out to our girl Leslie. Not only did you look like Karen Walker from Will and Grace, but you were super helpful and thanks for complimenting my eyes 😉

3. Goode Company Seafood

After trying on clothes that would only look good on a model, the next healthy step is devouring a ginormous meal, yes? Yes. Yes it is.


After the shops, Neners and I joined up with some of our Houston family at another Houston family’s famous seafood restaurant. Though the atmosphere was casual… Like streetcar casual if that’s a thing… our dinner warranted five-star glowing stars. I ordered the flounder special with lemon glaze and jumbo lump crab meat on top (yum) with an avocado ranch side salad that was more that worth mentioning. Seriously, those pecans in there- amazing.

4. Couching*


This weekend I also achieved my goal of sleeping on my friends’ couch at least once a week while I was in Houston. Ok, so it actually wasn’t a real goal of mine, but nevertheless I’m glad I did it for the following reasons (this list bout to get rul serious):

a) Sleeping on that couch suggests that I had a fun night with friends

b) It is honestly the best couch I know, I can only think of two couches that compare, and if you get the pillows just right it’s comfier than any fancy bed.

Success for Laura!

*Disclaimer: Laura in 20 years, if blogging is still a thing and you happen to look back at this, don’t be ashamed that you did this. Simply remember Chris and Roddy karaoke-rapping to Eminem and you’ll know it was all worth it.

5. Star Pizza


For the first time this weekend I tried the Houston landmark pizza joint Star Pizza. The Chicago style deep dish pizzas were/ are mouth watering as exemplified by the fact that my mouth is watering right now just thinking about it. Though a little pricy compared to what I’m used to in the good ole BR, a small pizza served as two meals and was perfect for latenighting prior to my couching successes.

Thanks again Houston for another awesome weekend. I’m gonna miss ya like crazee.

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Weekend Update: Fam’s All Here


It’s funny how things work out.

Last week I wrote about my two families: my biological one and my Tiger one.

Four days later the latter showed up in Houston, to surprise our mutual family member/ my best friend Kyra for her birthday. The great thing about family is that they’re family no matter what the setting. Though we were miles away from our normal habitat, nothing changed within my Tiger family. I guess when people know you and you know them, at your/their truest of self, the environment doesn’t make a difference. They continue being them and you continue being you. There are no charades or fronts, no need to impress, just family.

This family of mine and I had a great time this weekend just hanging out like we always do. Above is our family pic.

It’s going over the mantel.

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Weekend Update: Family


I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been busy with family things.

And as Michael Bluth says, “Family always comes first.”

Recent years have shown me that there really isn’t a strict definition of a family. Traditionally it is thought of as a group of biologically related humans that share a common name. Coming from a stable upper-middle class family this is largely what I define it as. But, for others a family can be a group of friends, co workers, their pets, their work out buddies.For 10 years “the girls” are Carrie Bradshaw’s family. Rachel Green’s is the inhabitants of 19 a and b and the coffee shop gang. ( If NBC ever were to show her and Ross’ wedding things would change, but a girl can only dream.)

In my life I now have two families: my biological one that I adore, and my Tiger one. Yes. Tigers. Rawr

I haven’t talked about this much since my very first post on this blog, but I am a member of the LSU Swimming and Diving Team. With the exception of this summer as I experiment in the working world, swimming and my team mates are basically the center of my life. Over the course of three going on four (eeeek!) years, a bond and sense of community has grown between me and my wonderfully weird team mates that can only be described as familial. Much like my other family we compete, we bicker, and we don’t necessarily like each other all of the time. But in the end we always have each other’s backs, we know way too much about each other, and we’ll do next to anything to insure that our group is successful. It’s hard to put into words all of feelings I have for this group of people and try to explain it to someone on the outside, but all in all it’s pretty simple : At LSU we’re a team, we’re a family, and it works.

I can’t imagine my life without either of my families: without my tiny mother’s advice, my stoic father sitting in his chair, my dog’s cuddles, Clay’s personality that is the polar opposite to mine, my aunt’s laugh, my Grammy’s smell, dancing with Kyra, flexing with Amber, wise words from Chris, hilarious words from the other Chris, my mortal enemy Shane, hugs from G&C, and every brief yet memorable conversation I have ever had with Dave.

So, yeah family is my favorite. These past few days with everyone have been great. Here are some pics so everyone can see how good we look.

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