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Sneaux Daze

photo 2

Whenever we were considering what activities to include in our bucket list during the oppressively hot month of  August, Kyra and I had one rule.

1. It has to be something that we can/will feasibly do

Naturally, the idea of seeing snow at the ever-tropical Cabana was not something that fit into that category, nor was  it something we could control.

But as I said last week, just because something isn’t listed, doesn’t mean it’s not bucket-worthy.

While, those of you experiencing Polar Vortex Janus (Ohhh my gassssh) are likely incredulous, if not offended, by the fact that we consider this thin layer of white stuff “snow,” please remember that we feel the same way when you talk about “the heat.”

With that said, please enjoy these delightful pictures of Cabana and Iza, while we bask in the last few hours of our snow days (aka catch up on homework yolo).

**And for any former-athlete-readers, please feel free to let me know when in my life it will no longer be socially acceptable to wear my purple sweats, and how do you suggest I cope with this. Thx. **

photo 4.PNG

Thanks for the pics, Rainman

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Bucket o’ Bread


In order to appear less like a couple, Kyra and I joined up with our five fellow senior ladies to bask in our last few days/weeks of true caloric freedom, checking off another bucket lister at The Little Village.

The main attraction: BREAD.


We also had some entrees in there somewhere, but as I told Kyra before heading downto(w)n, it’s hard to remember anything else on the menu because… bread.

This braided decadency of dough, topped with parmesan cheese crumbles and roasted garlic is what a carb-lover’s dreams are made of.

Seriously, Kyra dreamed about it.

Thanks to a great group of senior Tigirls for for a fun evening. I loaf you all.


P.S. Alternative titles for this post consisted of “Bread Babes” and/or “Boobs and Bread.” Take that as you wish.

P.P.S. Everyone should google “bread puns” as soon as humanly possible. HI-larious.

P.P. S. S. Parker.


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The Unlisted Buckets


In my short time as a bucket list expert I have noticed something:

There are multitudes of bucket-list-worthy moments in life. Many of which are not included in our list.

Bucket lists are a great way to showcase and hopefully experience all of the cool things one wants to do before __blank__ (the end of the year, the end of college, the end of your  life (eek)).  But what about those not-so-hip things that you/me/we are inevitably going to do before said __blank__–the ones that happen even if they are not bullet points on a prophetic list?  Are those not equally, if not more, important, exciting and noteworthy? And if so, is it wrong to overlook them in my blog dedicated to the pursuits of our senior year? Aren’t they worth celebrating?


JK. These are rhetorical questions. Obvi my answer is yes; yes I do think small victories and foreseeable achievements are worth celebrating, that’s why I am writing this post.

This weekend marked the senior class’s last home meet, our senior meet. While it was  far less emotional than I expected, there was definitely a celebratory feeling that afternoon. Well…after we completed our full load of events of course.

We weren’t necessarily  celebrating any phenomenal swims that day, even though there were plenty, but the fact that we made it through all four years and are reaching the end of “the process.” In many ways it was a glorified participation award. But in a sport like swimming, especially in the college environment,  participating is a feat to be celebrated. Forging functional relationships with all the weirdos who chose to swim for LSU is something to be celebrated. Being a member of a team for fours year and working every day to improve it and yourself is definitely something to be celebrated, no matter what the end results might be.

No, attending our senior meet was not on our bucket list. Jumping off the 10 meter platform didn’t even make the cut. It was simply something we assumed we would get around to, like other students might view their last college final or last greek social function. It was not an event at the beginning of this year that we thought “oh that will be so cool, we have to do that,” but provided that we didn’t drown or give up on ourselves (another feat to be celebrated) it would happen. And I’m glad it did.

I’m proud of each and every one of us for making it to this point– for completing our senior meet, for finishing our last circuit, for graduating (!), even for not getting kicked out of the student section during football season!

There have been a lot of “lasts” this year and more to come. Our bucket list will continue to serve as a means to live our remaining time in Baton Rouge to the fullest, while remembering that without the unlisted buckets there wouldn’t have been a bucket list in the first place.

More hilarious pictures of people jumping off the platform, aqui

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A good week

T’was a good week.

Skating on the River and The House of Blues Gospel Brunch have now been checked off the bucket list with much satisfaction.

 Brunch- delish. Music- awesome.  Skating- pure adolescent fun.

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Seen and Heard at Zeeland Street Market

2013-10-19 12.46.53


“There hasn’t been one bite that I haven’t loved.”

“All of my favorite things are on one plate.”

” So much meat!!!”

“Wow. Just. Wow.”

“Can I have some of your butter?”

So yeah… Our Zeeland lunch was amazing.

Kyra ordered the brisket plate and I had Momma’s pot roast.

Obviously we were quite satisfied with our authentic, southern, home-cooked, DELICIOUS meals.

It was nice to change it up a little bit and eat lunch at one of our favorite breakfast stops in the best neighborhood in BR.

I can’t say which menu I prefer, lunch or breakfast.  Plus I just heard that they are introducing to-go dinners for those of us who cant get enough of the Z.

So I guess this means we’ll just have to start eating there for every meal of the every day…

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Bucket List


Hey y’all!

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted in a while, and I apologize for that.  I took a brief hiatus while school, swimming, and rush (gag me) got underway and now I am back with a vengeance, equipped with a new and I think rather exciting idea for the direction I want this blog go in.

If you are just joining me, so far this blog has been pretty much about random things that interest me or that I have done.

This summer, having lived in Houston for a bit and going on a few vacations, I had the luxury and time to experience lots of cool, new, and interesting things.

Now I am back to the grind in the good ole’ Baton Rouge for my senior year (WHAT?!).

Having lived in Baton Rouge my entire life I have become pretty accustomed to hearing phrases like “BR is seaux boring,” or “The only thing here is football.”

Now I’m not going to lie, I have probably said those exact words myself at one point in my life. I’m not going to pretend that Baton Rouge is anything like Chicago or Houston. But having observed my surroundings a little more closely these past few months I have realized that there are actually a lot of things to do down here in South Louisiana, a lot of Baton Rouge staples that I haven’t gotten around to seeing/eating/experiencing in my 21 years. There are also plenty of things I have done here that I would like to do again before I graduate and potentially leave Baton Rouge for a while.

So… I have decided that I am going to get up off the couch and see what’s out there.

 I created a bucket list with my BFF, roommate,  and fellow senior Kyra Jones.  We want to use this list to ensure that we get the most out of our last year in the Red Stick, to challenge us to try new things, to provide us with a small relief from our often monotonous schedules as collegiate student athletes, to make us stop eating at the same college town restaurants for every meal, stop going to the same seedy bars every single night out,  and to encourage us to truly take in the culture that BRLA and the surrounding areas are overflowing with.

The list isn’t too long. It isn’t too short. We think it is actually achievable in 8 months time.

Each time we check something off the bucket list ( and we have made some progress already) I will post about it on this here blog! If I find something else that I thought was bucket list worthy I will post it here as well.

If I start slacking, all of you 25 followers better hold me accountable!

Click the link below to read the list. We are pretty happy with it. I’ll let y’all know how it goes and if you have any suggestions, recommendations, possible amendments, or would like to join us on any of our escapades please comment below 🙂

Bucket List

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Weekend Update: Another Nola Wedding

This weekend I ventured down yet again to the Big Easy for a family wedding.

Small world. This time the bride and groom to-be were my Great Aunt Debby, known to all of Louisiana just as Aunt Debby, and my next door neighbor Mr David. The two have been together for about a year now, and their relationship gives me hope that even later in their life, there are still people falling in love out there today, right in your own back yard… Literally.

It was a great weekend celebrating yet another great couple. Here are my top 5 favorite parts about my Nola weekend

1. Family

These people seem to find their way to the top of my list quite often, but that’s because they are just that great. This weekend marked several firsts for us. It was the first “nightlife” experience that the entire BR clan shared since all of the kids “grew up.” It also was the first time any of us witnessed my Granddad grace the dance floor, as we taught him to raise the roof. Or what he liked to call ” push up.”
2. The Gatsby Room

This room was by far the most Gatsby place I have ever entered. It was actually shocking that we didnt find Leo/Robert in the room.
During dance breaks my family rushed to occupy this bohemian, leather clad, overly air conditioned, secret room in the back of Muriel’s ( where the reception was held) to cool off and be anti- social.

3. The New Digs

In conjunction with the wedding, Aunt Debby now has new digs, right on the Mardi Gras parade route. After downsizing to an apartment in the quarter, we are glad to know that Debs can once again host Sunday Baccus festivities for many years to come, because AUNT DEBBY NEEDS BEADS!

4. Brett Furr

I honestly think that my father lives for weddings. With those white saddle backs, hidden hip swaying talents, and a voice just waiting to be heard, weddings truly are his time to shine… Or at least that’s the way Brett sees it. This time we got a rendition of the always crowd pleasing “Don’t Stop Believing” and I was lucky to finally catch his dancing in action. See vine video to have your mind blown.

Seriously he is a ridiculous human being and if anyone ever wonders why I am so weird they can look right to that guy.

5. Heaven in Egg Form


Chef’s Special Omelette at Camellia Grille. I honestly had no idea what it was while I watched the cool make it from behind the bar, but when I ate it all I knew was that it was fantastic. It was the perfect nostrum for a Sunday morning in New Orleans.

You’ve done it again Nola. Can’t wait until we meet again.

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J&K Wedding


Last night I had the pleasure of celebrating the marriage of the most perfect couple I know down in the Big Easy.

The bride, who is one of my biggest role models, was absolutely stunning and the wonderfully handsome-future doctor-groom was as happy as he could be.

Though it wasn’t an extended stay ( me and my “date” had to get back to Baton Rouge for an early morning swim meet) I always love being in New Orleans, eating some great food and simply enjoying the overflow of Louisiana culture.

The wedding took place last week in Estonia , the bride’s home country. And let me tell ya’ the photos are just beautiful.

Last night’s celebration was just that, a celebration, for the less beautiful American population who could not travel for the actual wedding. It was held at the pavilion at the Omni Hotel was the perfect setting for the intimate gathering that allowed me to catch up with several old friends and witness my first real-life wedding crasher. All in all it was another great evening in the Nola with even better friends.

I’m so happy to have been able to celebrate this couple. Congrats J&K!

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Weekend Update: Family


I haven’t written in a while because I’ve been busy with family things.

And as Michael Bluth says, “Family always comes first.”

Recent years have shown me that there really isn’t a strict definition of a family. Traditionally it is thought of as a group of biologically related humans that share a common name. Coming from a stable upper-middle class family this is largely what I define it as. But, for others a family can be a group of friends, co workers, their pets, their work out buddies.For 10 years “the girls” are Carrie Bradshaw’s family. Rachel Green’s is the inhabitants of 19 a and b and the coffee shop gang. ( If NBC ever were to show her and Ross’ wedding things would change, but a girl can only dream.)

In my life I now have two families: my biological one that I adore, and my Tiger one. Yes. Tigers. Rawr

I haven’t talked about this much since my very first post on this blog, but I am a member of the LSU Swimming and Diving Team. With the exception of this summer as I experiment in the working world, swimming and my team mates are basically the center of my life. Over the course of three going on four (eeeek!) years, a bond and sense of community has grown between me and my wonderfully weird team mates that can only be described as familial. Much like my other family we compete, we bicker, and we don’t necessarily like each other all of the time. But in the end we always have each other’s backs, we know way too much about each other, and we’ll do next to anything to insure that our group is successful. It’s hard to put into words all of feelings I have for this group of people and try to explain it to someone on the outside, but all in all it’s pretty simple : At LSU we’re a team, we’re a family, and it works.

I can’t imagine my life without either of my families: without my tiny mother’s advice, my stoic father sitting in his chair, my dog’s cuddles, Clay’s personality that is the polar opposite to mine, my aunt’s laugh, my Grammy’s smell, dancing with Kyra, flexing with Amber, wise words from Chris, hilarious words from the other Chris, my mortal enemy Shane, hugs from G&C, and every brief yet memorable conversation I have ever had with Dave.

So, yeah family is my favorite. These past few days with everyone have been great. Here are some pics so everyone can see how good we look.

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