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2-4-1 in MidTown

Let me preface this post with a fact: We live in the best part of Baton Rouge by far.

That little quadrangle between Perkins, Government, Acadian… and Perkins again (?) is just overflowing with unique things to do, and I’m super happy that this blog is forcing us to explore our neighborhood a little more.

In the past two weeks Kyra and I have enjoyed a disgusting amount of school work, but also two of our bucket list adventures! Both were located in the MidTown area, and both experiences were great successes.

Here’s a little tidbit about each of our adventures:

Jay’s Way


Jay would have been proud of us.

Wooh BB-Q!

This past Saturday, Kyra, two of our teammates, and I got in with the locals at Jay’s BB-Q on Government Street. Having lived in Baton Rouge my whole life, I grew up eating turkey sandwiches and mozzarella sticks before ballet class (I was such a healthy child) at my family’s favorite hole in the wall barbecue place. But in the 3 years I have been at LSU, and the 2 that I have lived in MidTown, I had yet to share this little secret with my friends. Saturday I finally got that chance, and Jay did not disappoint.

On the menu for our table were giant poyboys with perfectly-thin sliced turkey, curly-qs, the last helping of mac-and-cheese, BEANS, and that perfect barbecue sauce– Jay’s way, on the side.

It was simple, quick, and plain ole’ good.

“It” Girls


This night is going to be hard to top

Last Friday Kyra and I attended the most artsy and couple-y event we have probably gone to and it was just GREAT. September 27th marked the final installment of the Baton Rouge Gallery’s summer program Movie’s and Music on the Lawn. From May- September The Gallery aired silent films on an outdoor screen and set the films to a score preformed live by a local band. With our blankets packed, Kyra and I ventured to the lawn located in City Park off of Perkins Road, not knowing what to expect from the event…

Well that’s not 100 percent true. We were expecting to watch/be forced to watch that horrifying clown movie “It” and probably leave halfway through just so we could say we checked it off out bucket list. Thankfully we quickly found out that the “It” being shown was the 1927 romantic comedy starring Clara Bow and her hilarious friend Monty. I would like to say that I was embarrassed after I realized I was being a total doofus in front all of those hipsters who had to listen to me rant about clowns, but I wasn’t. I was too relieved.

After our initial fears were settled, we had  the best time watching the movie under the perfect pre-fall weather we were lucky to encounter that night. The free popcorn and gelato cart were obviously a plus as well.

Also, mad props to anyone who brought his or her significant other to this event. It was all so sweet and romantic. You would have earned major points in my book.

One thing that I took away from the movie was that the “It Girl,” Betty/ Clara Bow did not meet many of the standards we hold for It Girls of today. A few weeks before seeing the movie, I had actually read this article in Elle about It Girls. I learned that this movie actually popularized the phrase and it was quite the coincidence to see it shown a few weeks later… especially after all that clown mix up. Anyway, in the film Betty/Bow was deemed an “It Girl,” she possessed “it” or as the film described, “that quality possessed by some which draws all others with its magnetic force.”

Everyone wants to be an “it girl,” to some extent. But what we saw in this movie was that Betty/Bow didn’t really have “it” all together. She was kind of a maniac actually… But what I’m getting at here is that even though she was an “it girl,” she wasn’t the idealized, constantly cool, and elegant lady. She was a normal, working, funny, strange girl who was a good friend to her roommate and liked to climb on anchors in the middle of the ocean… “It” just got me thinking about “It.” There really isn’t a clear definition what it means to “draw others” or to be “it.” I think everyone has a little bit of “it” in them in someway. And everyone is an “it girl” to someone.

Me and my “It Girl” have been having the best time with this bucket list. We’ll keep exploring and reporting, you keep reading 🙂

P.S. Monty


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Funky Buttlovers


If you haven’t seen this movie you probably think I’m a major freak after that title. Watch the Trailer for the 1993 CLAHASIC “Rookie of the Year” to figure out what I’m talking about.

Last night I went to my first Astros’ game in ages. The Stros may not be the best team in the MLB, just like the Cubs prior to the pre-pubescent stud Henry Rowengartner’s record breaking season in one of my childhood favorites “Rookie of the Year,” but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a great time.

Just look at this film. What is the moral behind it?

When skill fades away, one must use trickery to win The World Series.

Right? Right.

Or maybe the moral is follow you dreams and stick with the people that care about you and you’ll be fulfilled. Don’t do it to make your step dad rich. Don’t forget to go work on your boat with your friends just because you are a star pitcher at 12-years- old. That kinda thing.

In many ways I was like Henry last night. I pursued and succeed in my dream of getting a BBQ spud even after the server  told me they were out. I quite certainly lost money, rather than earned it last night and did not and could not have given any money to my non-existant step father. I stuck with my friends the whole night, even though the fame of being jumbo-tron-bongo-playing stars could have turned us against each other.

Orrrrr Henry and I are in no way alike, nor does my life relate to this film in the least, and I just wanted to remind everyone of this hilarious moment in movie history.


Lil Help

And I wanted to show off my favorite pair of pants and my obsession with dressing to theme. Yes that sounds more like it. Enjoy!


RVCA Star Pants bought last summer from PacSun

BDG VNeck from Urban

Dolce Vita Silver Flip Flops

Coach Bag

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