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A good week

T’was a good week.

Skating on the River and The House of Blues Gospel Brunch have now been checked off the bucket list with much satisfaction.

 Brunch- delish. Music- awesome.  Skating- pure adolescent fun.

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Bucket List


Hey y’all!

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t posted in a while, and I apologize for that.  I took a brief hiatus while school, swimming, and rush (gag me) got underway and now I am back with a vengeance, equipped with a new and I think rather exciting idea for the direction I want this blog go in.

If you are just joining me, so far this blog has been pretty much about random things that interest me or that I have done.

This summer, having lived in Houston for a bit and going on a few vacations, I had the luxury and time to experience lots of cool, new, and interesting things.

Now I am back to the grind in the good ole’ Baton Rouge for my senior year (WHAT?!).

Having lived in Baton Rouge my entire life I have become pretty accustomed to hearing phrases like “BR is seaux boring,” or “The only thing here is football.”

Now I’m not going to lie, I have probably said those exact words myself at one point in my life. I’m not going to pretend that Baton Rouge is anything like Chicago or Houston. But having observed my surroundings a little more closely these past few months I have realized that there are actually a lot of things to do down here in South Louisiana, a lot of Baton Rouge staples that I haven’t gotten around to seeing/eating/experiencing in my 21 years. There are also plenty of things I have done here that I would like to do again before I graduate and potentially leave Baton Rouge for a while.

So… I have decided that I am going to get up off the couch and see what’s out there.

 I created a bucket list with my BFF, roommate,  and fellow senior Kyra Jones.  We want to use this list to ensure that we get the most out of our last year in the Red Stick, to challenge us to try new things, to provide us with a small relief from our often monotonous schedules as collegiate student athletes, to make us stop eating at the same college town restaurants for every meal, stop going to the same seedy bars every single night out,  and to encourage us to truly take in the culture that BRLA and the surrounding areas are overflowing with.

The list isn’t too long. It isn’t too short. We think it is actually achievable in 8 months time.

Each time we check something off the bucket list ( and we have made some progress already) I will post about it on this here blog! If I find something else that I thought was bucket list worthy I will post it here as well.

If I start slacking, all of you 25 followers better hold me accountable!

Click the link below to read the list. We are pretty happy with it. I’ll let y’all know how it goes and if you have any suggestions, recommendations, possible amendments, or would like to join us on any of our escapades please comment below 🙂

Bucket List

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Weekend Update: Lolla-Style

While The Man Repeller congregated to see Queen Bey this weekend in New York.

A much less public, but much more repellant blogger ( me) was lucky enough to be in an even better American city (IMHO) at the three most glorious days in the music world ( again IMHO)– Lollapalooza

Not that I wouldn’t sell my soul to see Beyonce, but this weekend was just absolutely spectacular.

Taking in the sweet sounds of Ellie Goulding, Emeli Sande, Alt-J, Phoenix, The Killers, Heartless Bastards, Tegan and Sara, Lana Del Rey, and Mumford and Sons all within a 72 hour time span was not only completely exhausting, but more importantly the most surreal experience of my life.

I think the words that were most frequently uttered from my lips were

“This is not real,” or the less eloquently put, “OH MYYYY GOSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

One might also consider the incoherent blubbering of emotion as I cried without tears through roughly 15% of the time at the festival into this hypothesis, but I’m going to go ahead and limit my scope at OMG.

A musical analysis of the weekend will be coming tomorrow after I recollect my thoughts and attempt to start acting like a functioning human being that is capable of existing outside the gates of Grant Park.

A “fun analysis” will never be written because, well, you just had to be there.

What I will be providing now are some pictures to provide a teensy idea of what Lolla is all about.

Or if you are the only person who reads my blog (Kyra) the photos are here so that we can laugh simultaneously from our beds in different cities.

*And a super special shout-out to the Jones family. Y’all make my heart sing.


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And the countdown begins


Deadmau5 2011. I’m in there. Somewhere.

Ok so this post will pretty much belie my last post about my cyclical, non-exciting lifestyle,


Today marks one week until I arrive in Chicago for the much anticipated Lollapalooza Music Festival in Grant Park. 

It also marks one week until I can finally see my BFF Kyra for the first time in a month. Wooh!

 This will be my second time attending the music festival, as I went in 2011 to see the likes of Coldplay (funny story), Deadmau5 during a torrential downpour, Ellie Goulding before she was ELLIE GOULDING, the Arctic Monkeys, and many many more. 

This year the lineup is equally, if not more, impressive.

I’m most excited to see Alt-J again, Lana, Local Native, The National, Tegan and Sara, Icona Pop (duh), Phoenix, THE KILLERS, VAMPIRE WEEKEND, AND MUMFORD AND SONS *sobs*

*still sobbing*

Ok I’m back.

In addition to all of this music I’m super stoked to spend time in my favorite city in America, Chicago*, with my favorite hipster family, the Jones. 

I will also be visiting Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism while in the windy city and thus will most likely spend a considerable amount of time freaking out about my future; that is until I am pleasantly distracted by the rock stars or that glutonous dinner at The Purple Pig that I am so looking forward to. 

Still on the to do list: Figure out what on Earth I’m going to wearrrrrrah! 


*Chicago, IL is tied with New Orleans, LA as my favorite city in America. 

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Music Monday: The Paper Kites


Welcome to the first installment of Music Monday! 

Now that I have a bit more free time post-internship, I will likely spend way too much time perusing Spotify. In return I will be sharing with some of my finds with you all. 

This week’s honoree is the chill Australian band The Paper Kites

They remind me of Local Natives with slightly less vocal harmonizing and a more upbeat tone as compared to Natives’ most recent album, Hummingbird.

The Aussie have released 2 EPs so far, and are scheduled to premiere its first full length album by the end of the year. 

Favorite songs from the band include

1. Bloom– super sweet and romantic, makes me wish a man-boy would sing it to me

2. Willow Tree March– chill and melancholy, makes me want to sway

3. Featherstone– more upbeat, great song for summer drives


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Can We Talk About This: Flo @ Glastonbury


So… yeah… ummm pretty much perfect. Just thought I would share.

What I would give to run into Flo at a festival, or jump into her arms like Alana from Haim is doing, or hold her hand like her charming brother J.J, or really even just see her firey red hair again. Eeeeeeeek. Too good, y’all.

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Song of the Summer

BILLAndy Williams_6

I’m absolutely in love with this song and with Andy Williams, despite his somewhat recent passing. Mr Big actually turned me on to it after watching the episode a few days ago where he and Carrie dance in his empty apartment before he leaves for Napa.
‘Moon River’ may be 40 some-odd years old and I doubt MTV or anyone else for that matter will declare this the song of the summer. But it is MY song of the summer. It doesn’t necessarily relate to me. There is no significant other in my life, let alone one crossing rivers for me. But guys, listening to this song (on repeat) has opened up my ears to a whole new genre of music and talent. I’ve always been inclined to listen to older music, but not necessarily this style. What happened to music, voices, lyrics, men like this? Really?

Just another example of how I am meant to be born in a different era. I have decided as of 3 seconds ago, that if I can’t have the 19teens and 20’s, my next choice would be the 1950’s…. I think there’s a generational cycle theory in there somewhere.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard this song. Listen. It will bring tears to your eyes.

Also check out that smile…eeeeee!


Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker
Wherever you’re going, I’m going your way

Two drifters, off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see

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photo (2)

Two days later and I think I have finally recovered from my weekend at FPSF.  I can even contemplate moving my neck now!  Thanks, Bassnectar.

Despite my lingering physical aliments, I had a fantastic time.  Houston, you really out did yourself.

Though  still in its infancy, the music, food, art and general atmosphere at Free Press rivaled that of  big name festivals around the country– comparable to the likes of Lollapalooza, Bonaroo, or Jazz Fest.  The coordinators really had thought of everything to make it the perfect weekend; bringing together some of musics biggest names from all sorts of genres ( Calvin Harris, Arctic Monkies, Getto Boys, Passion Pitt, Mavis Stapples(?!)) with equally as awesome lesser known and/or local bands (Grace Potter and the Octopus Project). If that wasn’t enough, add in Houston’s best food trucks, renowned bars, artistically designed VIP -air-conditioned tents, MONKEY BARS, and balloons the size of three people which I may or may not have popped .

If there isn’t something there that you wouldn’t have enjoyed, then you probably don’t have a soul.

The highlight of my weekend is a toss up between playing on the monkey bars and eating a girl cheese from The Golden Grill food truck.  A close third place though would have to be Grace Potter and the Nocturnal’s performance on Sunday night.  The photo above basically captures the emotion of the entire set , both from the band and the audience. Grace, who may quite possibly be the most bad-ass woman on Earth, was on her A++ game that night, rolling around on the stage and dancing  in a red cape. She sang all of the fan favorites, bringing tears to many people’s eyes, and at the peak of the rocking set covered Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs.”  It was absolutely breath taking.

Other greats of the fest were Arctic Monkeys and Alabama Shakes, both sounding even better and more powerful in a live setting. The sheer fact that Alex Turner, lead singer of the Monkeys, combed his slick  hair back in the middle of the se was enough to make anyone’s weekend great. He could have just gone up there and did that and I think a lot of people would have been satisfied. Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes was everything I hoped she would be– soulful, passionate and wearing a maxi dress.  The electric and dub shows I saw ( Calvin Harris and Bassnectar) were crazy fun too as the mob of  bobbed up and down back and forth… all over the place really… under the Houston skyline.

It was the perfect first weekend in this city that is way cooler than I ever knew. H-Town, you made Beyonce proud.

* I am currently in Houston for the summer interning at a small media buying firm. Check back for more stories of summer escapades in my new city!


Two piece set thing and studded vest from my favorite vintage boutique, Time Warp in Baton Rouge, LA.

Sunglasses from ASOS.

Black shorts and purple bandeau from Urban.

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