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The Unlisted Buckets


In my short time as a bucket list expert I have noticed something:

There are multitudes of bucket-list-worthy moments in life. Many of which are not included in our list.

Bucket lists are a great way to showcase and hopefully experience all of the cool things one wants to do before __blank__ (the end of the year, the end of college, the end of your  life (eek)).  But what about those not-so-hip things that you/me/we are inevitably going to do before said __blank__–the ones that happen even if they are not bullet points on a prophetic list?  Are those not equally, if not more, important, exciting and noteworthy? And if so, is it wrong to overlook them in my blog dedicated to the pursuits of our senior year? Aren’t they worth celebrating?


JK. These are rhetorical questions. Obvi my answer is yes; yes I do think small victories and foreseeable achievements are worth celebrating, that’s why I am writing this post.

This weekend marked the senior class’s last home meet, our senior meet. While it was  far less emotional than I expected, there was definitely a celebratory feeling that afternoon. Well…after we completed our full load of events of course.

We weren’t necessarily  celebrating any phenomenal swims that day, even though there were plenty, but the fact that we made it through all four years and are reaching the end of “the process.” In many ways it was a glorified participation award. But in a sport like swimming, especially in the college environment,  participating is a feat to be celebrated. Forging functional relationships with all the weirdos who chose to swim for LSU is something to be celebrated. Being a member of a team for fours year and working every day to improve it and yourself is definitely something to be celebrated, no matter what the end results might be.

No, attending our senior meet was not on our bucket list. Jumping off the 10 meter platform didn’t even make the cut. It was simply something we assumed we would get around to, like other students might view their last college final or last greek social function. It was not an event at the beginning of this year that we thought “oh that will be so cool, we have to do that,” but provided that we didn’t drown or give up on ourselves (another feat to be celebrated) it would happen. And I’m glad it did.

I’m proud of each and every one of us for making it to this point– for completing our senior meet, for finishing our last circuit, for graduating (!), even for not getting kicked out of the student section during football season!

There have been a lot of “lasts” this year and more to come. Our bucket list will continue to serve as a means to live our remaining time in Baton Rouge to the fullest, while remembering that without the unlisted buckets there wouldn’t have been a bucket list in the first place.

More hilarious pictures of people jumping off the platform, aqui

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Tuesday Shoesday: Trainers


These shoes are kind of defining my life these days.

I don’t write about this a lot on here, because… well it doesn’t inspire great writing, so if you’re just tuning in or don’t know me personally let me remind or tell you that aside from my prolific blogging career (pah) I am a member of the LSU Swim Team.

For real though, swimming is pretty much my life 6 and sometimes 7 days a week, 50 weeks of the year.

This summer I have had the freedom to explore new cities and try a ton of new things due to the fact that I had run out of summer classes to take and luckily scored a sweet internship in Houston. Thus providing me with a legitimate reason to take a short break from the chlorinated waters and explore life outside the walls of the nat ( short for Natatorium… Swimmers lingo lol).

Though so far this summer has been great, it is not a fair representation of what my normal life is like.

My life is in actuality less about planning what cool and fun things I can do each night, and more about making it to the next acceptable time to eat or sleep… And constantly wondering why there isn’t a way to do both at the same time.

Obesity epidemic: solved.

Anyway, these next few weeks in my life are all about getting back into tip-top shape so I am ready for the start of the season when it rolls around in just over a month. That will include copious amounts of running, swimming, and weight lifting, and these shoes are helping me along the way (which is more that I can say for my shoulders, quads, hip flexers and neck…)

So as I return back to my normal, less exciting lifestyle, this blog will likely change a little bit. I still want to document my life, the people and fun things in it, but in reality I know that I will have less time and energy to go out, explore and report on the unique experiences that are out there to be had.

But I guess this blog in a way can be a catalyst, pushing me to live a little more and not let that black line at the bottom of the pool completely consume my days.

I want to clarify, that I love swimming. Honestly I do. I would not have had my college experience any other way. Through it I have met my closest friends, have immensely grown as a person, and find a sense of accomplishment every day.

But at the same time, this coming semester will mark the start of my senior year–my last year with these aforementioned incredible people and possibly my last year in Baton Rouge, and there’s still so much I want to do!

So… I guess what I’m saying here is that though my life will be reverting back to it’s more typical, physical, and cyclical ways, this blog will continue to exist to push me to live life outside of that as I document it for all to see.

Stay tuned to see what I have in store. I’m excited for it.

Granted: this all depends on if I make if out of the pool alive tomorrow. If not, goodbye interwebs, you have always been good to me.

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